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Video Art History

Video Art History

Starting from a hobby and often video shoting shootingkan friend - a friend's birthday. In 1980 founded Lip Kiss Video Shooting, with very minimal equipment facilities and limited skills. From year to year continue to strive to complete the facility in need, and in 1989 founded Video Art Indonesia The targets aim at making Video Ad Campaign.

Departing from the above conditions, Owner receipts tenega working dedicated and experienced staff as well as laying the foundation - the basic concepts of a healthy business activities and modern, such as an effective structure, work activities are clear guidelines for all sectors of activity, both field and lab perasional, marketing and human resource development.
Realizing that the level of competition becomes more intense, therefore the Company has taken the initiative to find a new breakthrough and a range of measures, including the increase in service on Sunday, to discuss with clients sebelu and after shooting to get the maximum extent possible and desirable clients; deepen sinematography science; perfecting lab equipment and in the field.

In the development stage and the targets to be achieved, then it has expanded into PT. Main Vidarindo.

In 2004 founded the broadcasting seklah, goals and objectives of the establishment of school of broadcasting is to enhance and supplies for the young paracenias who take part in the broadcast world to continue to work, innovate and their ideas - their ideas and creativity in the design - the design sinematography which is and will increasingly especially before the era of rapidly expanding free market is in sight.